I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
Miami, FL
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Ebenum Equation / Testimonials

Most people think they know what it takes to be a great leader. Where Ebony shines, is not in teaching people what they need to do, but influencing them to search deep into why they aren't doing what they need to do. What really drives leaders to act in ways, again and again, when they aren't getting the results they want? Ebony is the master of helping others figure this out.


"Wow, working with Ebony Smith and taking the Creative Insight Journey class has been an exhilarating first- time experience."


"I highly recommend the CIJ experience with Ebony Smith---her calm, compassionate and insightful facilitation of the program cultivated a highly impactful collective outcome."