I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
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Clutter Coaching Library


Clutter comes is various forms. I may not be the best to coach on physical clutter. A friend told me the fact that I still had my pre-internet college textbooks means that I am...

Colorwalk Coaching

Color Walk

Clients often tell me that meditating does not work for them. I find it funny because I started with a similar story when it came to my own meditation practice. But I am here...

Catalysis Coaching Working


The Chemist in me knows that that a great catalyst can increase your yield in a chemical reaction. It speeds up and heats up the process without actually joining the reaction. We all need...

Confidence Coaching


Confidence can be the catalyst to a life changing event- the ability to express your opinion at a meeting, delivering a keynote speech or introducing yourself to a potential life partner. All of these...

Journal Coaching


Clarity is one of those things that I seek often in life. Whether it‘s understanding another’s perspective or trying to decide if you want to apply for a promotion at work. Clarity can be...

Creativity Coaching Bokeh


Creativity is the key to living the life that you chose. Successful people have a multiple disciplinary and diverse approach to solving all of the opportunities that life presents. Some may call opportunities problems,...



Welcome to 2016. Today, regardless of the actual date is the perfect time to start something. The chrysalis stage of development is the formative or undeveloped stage. Today is the perfect day to start...

Man working with Ipad


The next step in expanding your creativity is concentration. There are so many definitions of concentration. I will focus on the action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort. Many of my...

Productivity Tips


Congratulations on finding my blog and my first post. You have made the first step on the path towards change. The act of exploring and researching means that you are curious. Curiosity is defined...